Super Mario Maker Tool

SMM Tool is a free Advanced Queue Management System for Twitch streamers and viewers to easily use.

Main Features

100 Mario Challenges

With SMM Tool it is possible to do 100 Mario Challenges using viewer levels.

Gamestyle Filters

With Gamestyle Filters you may set to only accept new levels of certain gamestyles.

Level Bar

You may set up your streaming software to show a Level Bar on your stream. This Level Bar will show all kind of information about the currently loaded level.

Replay Video

Replay Video allows your viewers to search for Twitch VODs of any level that was previously played.


The stopwatch will show for how long the current level is played. This stopwatch is displayed in the tool and on the Level Bar.

Rating System

Viewers may rate levels while you play them. Ratings that are made while a level is loaded are attached to that level and the results are displayed on the Level Bar and in the Queues on the website.


When viewers enable Notifications for your channel, they will recieve a whisper whenever their level is about to be played or marked as Completed, Incomplete or Skipped.

Queue Filters

Queue Filters allows you to only list levels that meets certain criteria set by you.

Subscribers Only Mode

With Subscribers Only Mode enabled, your tool will only accept new levels from Subscribers, and also only list levels from the queue added by Subscribers. (Supports Twitch and GameWisp subscribers)

Error Checking

Before a level code is added to your queue, the server will first check if the level exists and if the level passes your Queue Settings and Filters.

Customizable Bot Responses

Almost every Bot Response is customizable from within the tool. This means you can also completely translate the Bot to your stream language.

Automatic Bookmarks

When you load a Viewer Level, you may allow Super Mario Maker Tool to automatically send a Bookmark of the level directly to Super Mario Maker.

Get your own Super Mario Maker Tool

To get your own Super Mario Maker Tool, you first have to connect with your Twitch Account.
When your Super Mario Maker Tool account has been created, you will be redirected to a page with steps on how to setup your tool.

Click on the 'Connect with Twitch' button to start creating your account.


Registered Streamers: 1136
Total Submitted Levels: 65904
Total Pending Levels: 11041

Total Completed Levels: 45413
Total Incomplete Levels: 3298
Total Skipped Levels: 6152